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Elliptical Workouts - free article courtesy of ArticleCity.com

Elliptical Workouts

by: Gary Gresham

Elliptical workouts basically involve aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. Elliptical cross trainers can be intimidating at first glance but once you get famil read more...

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The Next Level: Power Yoga

When people hear the word yoga, they immediately think, "serene", "gentle", and "calm." Indeed, yoga is perhaps one of the most solemn forms of exercise there is. Most practitioners do it for the mental benefits as much as the physical advantages read more...

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Mindfulness for Children - InfoBarrel

One of the most powerful antidotes to children's everyday stressors is for them to develop the Buddhist notion of mindfulness, which entails paying full attention and being fully engaged in the present moment. Mindfulness often sounds like having read more...

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The Future Of The Democratic Party Is White Guys?

The Future Of The Democratic Party Is ... White Guys? | FiveThirtyEight

In the past few months, Democrats have been on a search for saviors read more...

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Yoga Poses, Meditation, History, Yoga Philosophy & More

Yoga Blog: News & Opinion

Discover the latest yoga news, trends and happenings throughout the world in our Yoga Blog. Our three most recent articles are below.

Yoga for Beginners New to yoga? Our Yoga for Beginners guide will give yo read more...

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Is Yoga Right for You? by James Pendergraft

A lot of women perform yoga exercises not just to lose weight or maintain proper body weight but also fitness because read more...

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a therapy that combines different treatment methods to treat people with Borderline Personality Disorder. This disorder basically means that a person is incapable of regulating or controlling his or her emotions. Th read more...