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Exercise & Meditation :: Yoga

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means, "to yoke together". This is translated to mean the union of individual self, the 'Atma,' with the universal self, the 'Paramatma.' There are different methods to achieve this union. When we say Yoga in the present-day con read more...

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The Basics of Yoga

Yoga, is a word derived from Sanskrit, meaning the 'union with the divine'. It is a method which teaches the individual soul to connect with the Supreme Soul or what we better relate to as, God. Yoga is the ancient art of using your concentration read more...

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Lenovo Yoga 13 Review Strengths And Weaknesses

Some people can struggle deciding between a tablet or laptop. Whether its purchasing one or deciding which one to bring along. The tablet is very portable and offers convenient touch-screen support. The laptop has more horsepower and can easily ha read more...

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Fusion fitness classes pack Pilates with punch, yoga with jumps

NEW YORK (Reuters) - From yoga with leaps and jumps to Pilates that packs a punch, fitness experts say the craze for short, intense workouts has resulted in some odd pairings.

While these hybrid routines may seem strange, they can be an ef read more...

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Pranayama The Silence Of Breathing

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Reconciliation Links - CBS News

A growing number of people believe that victims and criminals can be helped if th read more...

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Elliptical Workouts - free article courtesy of ArticleCity.com

Elliptical Workouts

by: Gary Gresham

Elliptical workouts basically involve aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. Elliptical cross trainers can be intimidating at first glance but once you get famil read more...